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At our core we're a family owned operation.  Our business is Custom Balin' and as a part of our operation, we have several different pieces of machinery that we're really proud of.  In Feb. of 2019, I saw a dream of mine become a reality when I watched the Biggest Baler in the World (the one I designed & invented) bale its first bale.  We are also privileged to run the Largest Swather ever manufacted in the US, designed and built by Vogel Engineering. 
TJ Steele
Founder of BORN 2 FARM
Inventor & Designer of the
World's Largest Baler
Co-Owner of Favor 5 Ag Innovations
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Hear What Other's Are Saying:
"I've known TJ and his team for several years. These guys have a lot of experience in the hay industry. The Favor 5 crew are the best at what they do and are constantly looking for ways to improve the industry producing better results for their customers and their family. I've been encouraged by our friendship to be better at business and get creative solving problems that develop when you’re in the trenches. It will be exciting to see what their team brings to the table in the next few months and years."
Justin, Texas
"I know the owner well and several of their workers. They are honest, hard working people with a lot of skills and knowledge in the agriculture sector. Great business management skills and ability to innovate. Looking forward to seeing what they do to help change agriculture in America!"
Emily, Oklahoma
"Excellent problem solvers and knowledgeable in how to create and apply new technology. "
Dalsted Bros. Harvesting
New Mexico
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